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Virtualize An Existing Network



  • Do you have an existing set of physical servers for your company?
  • Are you paying expensive support contracts to your hardware provider so they can guarantee spare parts for your servers?
  • Are you afraid that your mission critical applications may stop working because you have no contingency plan for hardware failures?
  • Or maybe you have spent the last years buying expensive redundant hardware for each application and configuring clusters, replications and backups in order to keep your applications up and running?
  • Have you already sent some servers to the  Cloud but you want to reduce costs?

If you answered "YES" to any of the previous questions then you may want to explore the advantages of sending all your servers to a private cloud.



  • You may create new servers with just some clicks in a few minutes.
  • You can connect your corporate network to the cloud with an encrypted site-to-site VPN connection
  • Your Cloud-Bricks private cloud is built using dedicated hardware so you do not have to worry about sharing resources with other customers.
  • You may increase the processing power of your cloud by adding Bricks as your company grows.
  • Your private cloud is 100% redundant without any single point of failure.
  • Your servers, data and backups are being constantly replicated to a different server so you do not have to worry about hardware failures.


When you put your servers within a Cloud-Bricks private cloud, you will benefit from all the following services:

Web Managed firewall

Site to Site and Remote Management VPNs

HTTP Reverse proxy cache

Web Load Balancing

Server statistics

IPv6 ready

Create VLANS to isolate sets of servers

Virtual SAN storage blocks

Automated Backup System

Web Management Interface

About Cloud-Bricks.net

• Cloud-Bricks.net datacenter operations are located in Tampa, Florida, United States.

• We have been in the Hosting business since 2.009 with strong focus in providing dedicated hardware solutions.

• Cloud-Bricks.net is a registered trademark of WebLink Technology Solutions Ltd.

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