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Migrating From the Public Cloud


The Public Cloud way

If you answered YES to any of the previous questions then a private cloud may be the answer to your needs.


The Cloud-Brick's way

  • 100% Private Cloud on dedicated Hardware.
  • SSD Accelerated storage with unlimited iops.
  • No fees for exchanging data between your virtual machines.
  • Up to 4 times lower costs when comparing similar resource sets with public cloud providers.
  • A fixed price every month no matter how many virtual servers you create, how much
    storage you use or how frequently you access your data.
  • Please check our prices and visit our Private-to-Public cost comparison page

100% power uptime since 2011

100% network uptime since 2014

242 Gbps network capacity

N + 2 redudant CRAC cooling

Battery and generator power backups

8 internet connectivity providers; Level 3,
TWTC, Global Crossing, GTT, Comcast, NTT,
Coagent, Seabone, XO transit

Privately peared with 300+ networks

DDOS mitigation appliances available.

About Cloud-Bricks.net

• Cloud-Bricks.net datacenter operations are located in Tampa, Florida, United States.

• We have been in the Hosting business since 2.009 with strong focus in providing dedicated hardware solutions.

• Cloud-Bricks.net is a registered trademark of WebLink Technology Solutions Ltd.

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