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We will assist you with all aspects related to our Cloud Management Interface including:

  • SSL Certificates installation.
  • Virtual Machine creation.
  • Operating system installation.
  • Backup configuration.
  • Web Site / Virtual Hosts configuration.
  • Firewall rules creation.
  • FTP / HTTP/ SMTP proxy configs.
  • VPN connectivity.

Service related issues are also covered:

  • Service outages or connectivity problems
  • Contingency system activation (Fail over to the Standby server system).
  • Attack contention.
  • Microsoft Licensing.

In Cloud-Bricks we are committed to give you the best support experience
7 X 24 x 365
Support is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese through our Customer Portal.
Written support is available via ticket creation and chat.


Topics not covered by

  • Application installation / configuration. (Databases, webservers, email software, etc)
  • Operating System specific questions  (Support is available from Microsoft, RedHat, Oracle and Suse)
  • Final user support. If you are a reseller, you are responsible for supporting your customers. We will only provide support for the customer who acquired the Cloud-Bricks service directly.
  • CACTI (statistics system) usage, please refer to specific product documentation and forums.
  • SUSE , RedHat and Oracle Linux subscriptions and support services must be acquired directly with the corresponding provider. Our Virtual Machine images for those operating systems, include the tools required to connect any particular VM instance to the corresponding provider network.

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• Cloud-Bricks.net datacenter operations are located in Tampa, Florida, United States.

• We have been in the Hosting business since 2.009 with strong focus in providing dedicated hardware solutions.

• Cloud-Bricks.net is a registered trademark of WebLink Technology Solutions Ltd.

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