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You may create Virtual Servers with the following Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2.012 R2 – GUI
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2.012 R2 – CORE
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux 12
  • Centos 6.7 and 7.0
  • Oracle Linux 7
  • Open Suse 42
  • Ubuntu 14 LTS

You will be able to manage your virtual servers (including access to the server's console) directly from any modern web browser without installing any client software.



With our integrated backup system you will be able to keep your data protected.

These are the most important services available at no additional cost with every Cloud-Brick through our easy-to-use
Web Management Interface:


We have integrated the famous CACTI system into our cloud platform. With this tool you will be able to:

  • Monitor the health of your virtual machines.
  • Gather cpu, ram, network and disk space statistics for all your virtual servers.
  • Generate alerts using the THOLD plugin.
  • Monitor also the behavior of your physical hardware.

You can create isolated virtual networks for different customers.



  • A VLAN is a private broadcast domain at the ARP (switch) level.
  • Isolate groups of virtual servers from each other to avoid the possibility of sniffing private communications.
  • Allows to host different customer networks within the same cloud without security concerns.
  • VLANs can be distributed through different Cloud-Bricks.

You will receive 128 Public IPv6 Addresses for your virtual machines

HTTP Acceleration

The websites you host will benefit from the following features of the HTTP Accelerator engine integrated into the Cloud-Bricks platform:

  • Page and element caching to avoid overloading your virtual web servers.
  • HTTP Load Balancing to distribute the site requests into various virtual machines.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption at the physical hardware level.
  • SSL Certificate management.
  • Firewall integration: You may decide which IP addresses can access any particular web site.
  • Web site segmentation, different areas of a web site may be served by different virtual machines.


You can handle multiple web sites with high-level security

IPv6 ready!



The Cloud-Bricks system offers a firewall filtering mechanism integrated with your private cloud.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 filters to define which addresses can or cannot access services in your virtual machines.
  • Black Listing of malicious IP addresses:, when you detect an attacker you may include his address in the black list so any access to your cloud will be denied.
  • UDP, TCP and ICMP Services can be used in firewall rules.
  • You may define firewall rules per virtual machine and reuse them in other VMs if necessary.
  • Web Management interface to define objects, services and rules.

Your Hardware is 100% redundant, for every Cloud-Brick server we provide an standby contingency server ready to be used in the event of a hardware failure.

Site to Site VPN

  • Useful to interconnect two networks permanently.
  • It uses the IPSEC protocol to keep your data secured.
  • You may connect your office/company network with the Cloud-Brick so your client computers can access the virtual servers transparently.
  • Requires a Fixed IP address and a router supporting the IPSEC protocol.

Connect to your virtual machines from outside the cloud even if they have no public IP access!


Remote management VPN

  • Used to create temporary secure connections to your servers in order to perform management procedures.

  • Useful to access servers with no open ports in order to increase security.

  • Uses the L2TP / IPSEC vpn protocol.

  • Can be accessed from Windows , Mac or Linux clients.

  • Useful also for mobile clients with no fixed IP Address.

7x24x365 support available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Virtual SAN

  • Ability to create shared storage blocks.
  • SMB, NFS and iSCSI protocols supported.
  • All virtual machines within a VLAN can share data using a virtual SAN.
  • Microsoft Windows Cluster supported through the iSCSI protocol.

The Intrusion Prevention System is updated every day to keep your system protected from the latest threads.



  • New generation firewall with Intrusion Prevention System

  • Detects threats and attacks by analyzing network traffic in real time.

  • Easy to use web interface to browse all the alerts generated by the IPS.

  • Firewall integration can reject suspicious connections without user intervention.

All the services described in this page are available at no cost with every Cloud-Brick, please visit our prices page.

About Cloud-Bricks.net

• Cloud-Bricks.net datacenter operations are located in Tampa, Florida, United States.

• We have been in the Hosting business since 2.009 with strong focus in providing dedicated hardware solutions.

• Cloud-Bricks.net is a registered trademark of WebLink Technology Solutions Ltd.

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