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Brick's Infrastructure


Cloud-Bricks Hardware

At the end, a virtual machine needs physical hardware to run. In a public cloud you don't know in which server your virtual machine will run or how many customers will share the hardware with you.

In our private cloud you have dedicated servers to host your virtual machines: that means only you will control how resources are used.

Each Cloud-Brick includes:

  • CPU: AMD Opteron 6XXX Series processors.
  • Memory: Twice the RAM of your plan
  • RAID 10 Cloud Storage with SSD Acceleration
    (High performance, unlimited iops)

A "Cloud-Brick" is actually a powerful and redundant physical server powered by our Virtual Datacenter web management platform


In order to build your private cloud, you rent as many Bricks as you need, increasing your computing power as your business grows.


Internet Connectivity

Do not worry about internet connection outages, to guarantee redundancy and permanent availability of service, we have 8 internet link providers:

  • Level 3
  • TWTC
  • Global Crossing
  • GTT
  • NTT
  • Coagent
  • Seabone
  • XO transit

Every Cloud-Brick is powered with 100 Mbps of Internet bandwidth and unlimited data transfer in the Enterprise configuration.

100% power uptime since 2011

100% network uptime since 2014

242 Gbps network capacity

N + 2 redudant CRAC cooling

Battery and generator power backups

8 internet connectivity providers; Level 3,
TWTC, Global Crossing, GTT, Comcast, NTT,
Coagent, Seabone, XO transit

Privately peared with 300+ networks

DDOS mitigation appliances available.


Hardware Redundancy

You can be sure you are not just renting a server.
You are contracting a a full featured Private Cloud service.

  • If for any reason your physical hardware fails, we will provide immediately a fail over server to resume your service.
  • Do not worry about your data, our Cloud Storage system keeps up to four online copies of your virtual disks to handle any kind of hardware failure.
  • Thanks to this architecture we can guarantee 99,9% availability per month.

per month

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Cloud Services

But you will not receive just a server, you will get a completely functional and ready to use Virtual Datacenter with great features like:

7x24x365 support available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

About Cloud-Bricks.net

• Cloud-Bricks.net datacenter operations are located in Tampa, Florida, United States.

• We have been in the Hosting business since 2.009 with strong focus in providing dedicated hardware solutions.

• Cloud-Bricks.net is a registered trademark of WebLink Technology Solutions Ltd.

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